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Food Security Solutions

Prioritizing Global Food and Nutrition Security Programs

In February 2016, the General Mills Foundation awarded the Academy Foundation a Hunger Free Communities planning grant. The planning grant is being used to develop a food security and nutrition assessment tool and process to assist a community through a decision making process for selecting interventions that meet community needs and capacity.

To complete the project, the Academy Foundation awarded a one-year Hunger Free Communities Research Fellowship to Elizabeth Yakes-Jimenez, PhD, RDN. Outputs of the project include a facilitator guide and set of tools, including:

  1. A community food and nutrition security assessment based on existing data
  2. A list of interventions to consider
  3. An intervention scoring sheet

Validity of the assessment tool is underway with food and nutrition security experts in the U.S. and in several other countries. A proposal has been submitted to pilot the assessment tool and decision process in a few communities in the U.S. and in an international setting.