Are you interested in food and nutrition research, scholarships, awards, public education or fund raising for these worthy programs? If so, then volunteering for the Foundation may be right for you.

The success of the Foundation relies on volunteer leaders to fundraise, serve on review committees and more!

State Fundraising Champion

Each affiliate has a State Fundraising Champion volunteer position that is responsible for creating awareness and fundraising for the Academy Foundation In addition, that State Fundraising Champion recruits a committee of Academy members to conduct a special event that will benefit the Academy Foundation. Please contact Paul Slomski for more information on this position at your affiliate level.

Public Education Initiatives Kids Eat Right and Future of Food

Kids Eat Right and Future of Food Toolkits

Members can download ready-made toolkits and tip sheets to educate the public on a variety of topics, including breakfast, snacks, MyPlate, healthy schools, wasted food and more. There are 11 toolkits with over 35 presentations targeting child and adult audiences.

Kids Eat Right for Parents

This website includes tips, articles, recipes and videos designed to help busy families shop smart, cook healthy, and eat right. All content is provided by registered dietitian nutritionists. Members are encouraged to share this website with colleagues, clients and friends.

Keep up with all the Latest Foundation News and Announcements

To ensure you receive all of our Foundation news, including scholarship, award and grant announcements, subscribe to our Foundation’s weekly Kids Eat Right Monday Message and Foundation News. 

Award and Research Grant Review Committees

A review committee exists for each named Foundation award and research grants whose purpose and function is to review applications and determine recipients. Each award and research grant is assigned an individual review committee consisting of members who have expertise or experience in the topic addressed. The committees are appointed by the Academy Foundation Chair. If you are interested in participating on one of these review committees, please email Elisha Reichling, MS, RDN, LDN, Foundation Program Coordinator at ereichling@eatright.org

Scholarship Review Committee

The Academy Foundation Scholarship Committee reviews all scholarship applications and is comprised Academy members appointed by the Academy Foundation Board Chair. Each committee member serves a 1-3 year term. A Chair is appointed each year from among the members who are serving their final year on the committee. If you are interested in participating on this committee this year, please complete the 2020 Scholarship Review Committee Volunteer Application within the Foundation’s externally hosted application portal.

Fellowship Selection Committees

A selection committee is convened for each new Foundation fellowship opportunity. The purpose and function of these committees is to review and score applications, determine candidates to interview, conduct virtual interviews, and align on the top candidate for the fellowship. Each fellowship is assigned an individual selection committee consisting of members who have expertise or experience in the focus of the fellowship. The committees are appointed by the Academy Foundation Chair. For more information please contact nbrown@eatright.org.

Foundation Scholarship, Award and Grant Recipients

Our Foundation continually seeks past Foundation scholarship, award and grant recipients to give short presentations and testimonials through our alumni network to Affiliate, DPG and MIG meetings and through print and electronic marketing communications. To be considered for one of these opportunities, please contact ereichling@eatright.org.

Educators and Credentialed Practitioners

Educators and other credentialed practitioners that would like to review student resumes or are interested in participating in a networking event to discuss career opportunities with students. To be considered for one of these opportunities, please contact ereichling@eatright.org.

Student Opportunities

The Academy Foundation relies on donations to provide our Scholarships, Awards, Research Grants and Public Education programs. If you are a student and would like to help the Foundation, please consider holding a special event fund raiser on your campus or utilize the Foundation’s peer-to-peer fundraising app to conduct an online fundraiser as an individual or with your student dietetic organization. For more information, please contact Paul Slomski.

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