Why it Matters

As the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation was established in 1966 and is the only charitable organization devoted exclusively to promoting nutrition and dietetics.

To donate to the Foundation and help support the many programs and services that optimize global health by empowering current and future food and nutrition practitioners, please contact us at Foundation@eatright.org. Academy members are welcome to donate online (member login required).

  • Scholarships: The Foundation is the worldwide leader of dietetics scholarships, and looks to keep pace with a growing pool of student applicants, providing opportunities at all levels of experiential learning and helping to build a qualified and diverse workforce.
  • Awards: Leadership awards given to students, practitioners and faculty recognize the outstanding achievements of Academy members, encouraging individuals to grow as professionals and achieve excellence in new and developing areas of food and nutrition.
  • Research: The Foundation’s research investment in emerging areas, such as nutrition education intervention, advances the Academy and its members as the nutrition experts.
  • Public Education: Building upon its current initiatives, the Foundation continues to expand its programs, such as Kids Eat Right and Future of Food, which provide valuable information to the general public with resources for members to deliver information in their communities.
  • International Resources and Opportunities: Learn about the Foundation’s involvement in international projects, applying for international-related awards and fellowships and other global opportunities for food and nutrition professionals.
  • Second Century: As the Academy approaches its centennial in 2017, we are committed to continue building a profession that optimizes health through food and nutrition, as well as creating a new vision for our Second Century.

The Foundation provided more than


to 475 students and members through scholarships, awards, fellowships and research grants this past fiscal year.