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Foundation Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Academy membership is required for all scholarships except for those listed below, for which Academy membership is preferred but not required:

  • CDR Doctoral
  • CDR Diversity

Student must be enrolled or planning to enroll in an ACEND® accredited program. Students applying under the Graduate category require enrollment in a US regionally accredited college/university. Refer to the Scholarship Eligibility Requirements listed on the Web site and read the eligibility requirements for each program category.

See the qualifications to become a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and to apply. The Membership application must be received at the Academy by April 1 in order for the Academy to process it and assign a member number in time for you to meet the scholarship deadline of April 23.
  • Junior or senior year in a baccalaureate (Didactic or Coordinated program in dietetics)
  • Second year of study in a Dietetic Technician program
  • Dietetic internship (currently enrolled or participating in the April computer matching process)
  • Graduate program (planned or current enrollment in an advanced degree program in a U.S. regionally accredited college/university)
No. The Academy does not offer scholarships to high school students.
No. Foreign students are not eligible to apply for Academy Foundation scholarships. All scholarships require that applicants be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. The Academy Foundation does offer some awards and a fellowship for international students.

The time to apply is typically the year before the scholarship is applicable.

Students can be enrolled full-time or part-time.
The application is updated yearly and is available here. This online form is applicable for all Foundation scholarships.

The following materials must be submitted with the application packet. Do not submit any additional materials other than those listed here:

  • Applications must include TWO completed recommendation forms – one must be completed by a Registered Dietitian/Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.
  • Your application cannot be submitted until both recommenders upload their forms.
  • Applicants should send their recommenders the required form and advise them they will receive an email with a link to upload the recommendation form. The link WILL EXPIRE in 24 hours from when it is sent, therefore applicants should not send the email with link until the recommender is ready to complete the form and upload it.
  • Applicants must either provide a letter on university letterhead with a faculty member’s verification of GPA(s) OR upload transcripts for each college in which they were enrolled for any courses. Instructions to obtain faculty member’s verification are included in the application.
  • Doctoral applicants only, if available please provide a copy of the GRE score.
  • Students participating in dietetic internship computer matching should wait until match results are final before submitting their application.
Applications must be submitted via the online form by April 23 at 11:59 p.m. (Central Time).
The same application is applicable for all scholarships.
Students may apply for an Academy Foundation scholarship every year, as long as they meet the scholarship requirements.
It is a competitive process. The chance of receiving a scholarship depends on the number of scholarships available and the number of applicants. Typically, the Foundation receives 800-900 applications and is able to award scholarships to approximately 400 students.
Each application is reviewed by three members of the Foundation Scholarship Committee. Applications are scored based on scholarship (1-6 points), professional potential (1-6 points) and financial need (1-3 points).
The amounts range from $500 to $10,000. The majority of the scholarships awarded are for $1,000.

All applicants will receive notification via email in July. Foundation staff cannot provide interim information or feedback on scholarship applications.

Information about student aid should be sought from the financial aid office or administrator at individual institutions. Additional sources include the state dietetic association, state higher education agency and local civic, professional and community organizations or foundations. Also, detailed information about federal grants and loans administered by the United States Department of Education is available online.