Improving Food and Nutrition Security in America: An Opportunity for Food Retail Dietitians

Health and nutrition disparities are prevalent throughout the US, and the impact of food insecurity goes beyond hunger. In addition to inadequate and inconsistent access to nutrient-rich foods, many individuals facing food and nutrition insecurity also suffer from chronic medical conditions. Access to nutrient-rich foods is essential in the management of many of these diseases, which is often difficult to address within the current structure of our health care system and food assistance programs. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted gaps and inequities, and innovative solutions are needed to reduce these disparities. The food retail environment is increasingly being used as an avenue for access to health services, and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) in these settings are uniquely positioned to help reduce the health disparities affecting food insecure populations. Discover the levers driving heightened food security awareness, government and policy updates addressing food and nutrition security in America, resources available to assist with food and nutrition benefits, and strategies on how retail RDNs can support their customers.

Support for this project was funded through a grant from Walmart.

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