International Resources

Global Nutrition: Central America

This is the practitioner’s go-to for open-access to relevant and effective international nutrition education materials.

  • Background information on key nutrition-related topics in Central America, including how to explain health and nutrition concepts to this population
  • Educational illustrations to help teach these key nutrition-related topics in Central America
  • A collection of food illustrations and nutrient comparison charts unique to the local food supply of Central America

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Directories of Global Resources and Collaborations

A directory of resources for food and nutrition and dietetics practitioners and those pursuing a professional degree or continuing education credit.

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Wimpfheimer-Guggenheim Fund for International Exchange in Nutrition, Dietetics and Management

The Wimpfheimer–Guggenheim Fund promotes the exchange of dietetic information around the world through an annual essay contest and international lecture.

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International Awards and Fellowships

A collection of awards and fellowships rewarded annually.

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