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Disaster Relief Fund Application

The Academy Foundation Disaster Relief Fund was established to support the personal and professional life-rebuilding efforts of Academy members and other dietetics professionals who have been affected by disasters.  Based on available funds, up to $2,500 can be made available to Academy members, non-member dietetics professionals or dietetics students with an immediate need who have been affected by disasters. In addition, a separate fund has been created with the support of the Commission on Dietetic Registration that supports disaster victims seeking financial aid for continuing education initiatives. Based on available funds, up to $500 can be made available per applicant.

Eligibility requirements for financial assistance:

  • The “disaster” in question must be declared to be a disaster by a governmental agency, or be determined by the Academy Foundation Board to comply with the definition of disaster (A disaster is defined as a “sudden occurrence which inflicts widespread catastrophic damage to a large geographic area and/or which generally affects a large number of individuals”. Disasters can be both natural and caused by human conduct).
  • The applicant must show that she or he incurred a loss of income or livelihood, or suffered loss or damage with respect to her or his real or personal property, and is in financial need as a result.
  • The purpose of the disaster grants is to provide a small measure of immediate financial assistance to those individuals identified above who are in need. Application must be submitted within three months of the disaster.

In the event of a profound disaster that affects the lives of Academy members and other nutrition and dietetic professionals, this fund will become active and the application will be accessible on this page.

More information about how donors to this fund have recently supported members, students and dietetics professionals in their recovery efforts can be found here.

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