The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is seeking an RDN member of the Academy to serve as a fellow. The fellow will lead the Foundation’s “Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion in Nutrition and Dietetics: Overcoming Obstacles to RDN Recruitment, Education and Advancement” Fellowship.

The fellowship begins on or around March 22, 2021.

This opportunity, available through generous donations to the Foundation from the Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors and member leader Diane Heller, MMSc, RDN, LD, FAND, is a full-time fellowship role for one year with the potential to renew for a second year.

The fellow will build upon the work of the Academy’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and will work closely with Academy groups including the D&I Committee, the Research, International and Scientific Affairs team and the Foundation.


Interested candidates should apply online by 11:59 p.m. (Central time) on January 28, 2021. Applications should include a tailored letter of interest and resume.

Questions? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions first. Further questions can be directed via email to Nicci Brown, MS, RDN, Senior Program Manager, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation at with the subject D&I Fellowship.

Overview and Responsibilities

The program will be built on the Foundation’s successful Fellowship model. We will recruit an advanced RDN D&I Fellow to lead this project for two years. To achieve the program’s goals, the Fellow will begin by convening an advisory group of eight to 12 experts to provide guidance and mentorship to the Fellow.

This program seeks to:

  • Identify barriers that students of diverse backgrounds and cultures face in becoming RDNs and NDTRs.
  • Identify barriers for RDNs and NDTRs of diverse backgrounds and cultures in advancing in the profession.
  • Create a framework with potential solutions to support students, RDNs and NDTRs of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Enhance pre-professional and continuing education for RDNs, NDTRs and students in the areas of cultural competency and cultural humility to support the United States’ diverse population.

While this program will focus on ethnic diversity, supporting other types of diversity will also be included and may inform additional programs of work.

The Fellow will:


  • Conduct an environmental scan to identify effective programs that have increased diversity in other health care professions
  • Conduct research and analysis, including focus groups, student/member surveys and engagement of other health care profession stakeholders (American Society for Nutrition, American Medical Association, etc.) to foster shared learning
  • Use the data to help answer key questions:
    • What unique barriers do students of diverse backgrounds and cultures face to becoming RDNs and NDTRs?
    • What strategies can the Foundation, Academy, NDEP and their members utilize to help students of diverse backgrounds and cultures overcome these barriers?
    • What barriers do RDNs and NDTRs of diverse backgrounds and cultures face to advancing in their careers and in leadership roles, both in their organizations and professionally?
    • What strategies can the Foundation, Academy, (including dietetic practice groups and member interest groups) and their members utilize to help RDNs and NDTRs of diverse backgrounds and cultures overcome these barriers?
    • How can we build or strengthen pre-professional and continuing education for RDNs, NDTRs and students related to cultural competency and cultural humility to create stronger allies for diverse communities among the profession of nutrition and dietetics?


  • Report the findings through multiple channels including at least one manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Collaborate with other Academy and Foundation staff, including the D&I Committee and the Research team, to share key learnings for use in Academy and educational programming.


  • Develop a multi-pronged framework based on results from the research and with input from the advisory group
  • Based on the framework, develop criteria to evaluate existing programs and/or a new program(s) to support:
    • NDEP and dietetic education programs in addressing the recruitment and support of nutrition and dietetics students of diverse backgrounds and cultures
    • Helping RDNs and NDTRs of diverse backgrounds and cultures advance in leadership roles
    • Enhancing cultural competency and cultural humility in pre-professional and continuing education
    • Providing program metrics and evaluation.
  • Propose a plan for program implementation
  • Work with staff and the D&I Committee to implement and evaluate the program(s).

Program success will be measured against the successful creation of the following deliverables:

  1. Diverse RDN expert selected as the RDN D&I Fellow to lead the program of work.
  2. Advisory group assembled to provide project guidance.
  3. Submission for publication with research findings to a peer-reviewed journal.
  4. Answers to key questions (above) based on results of research activities.
  5. Framework with specific strategies approved by the advisory group, as well as approval from other relevant Academy committees, councils, groups, organizational units and members.

Additional Position Details

  • The position is based in Chicago, but applicants outside of area are encouraged to apply. The Fellow will not be required to relocate. Most work will be accomplished through telecommuting methods (webinars, conference calls, etc.) with occasional travel.
  • This is a full-time position.

Fellow Criteria


  • Credentialed status as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Ethnically diverse candidate
  • Five to 10 years of relevant experience, particularly related to diversity and inclusion expertise and efforts, education and working with minority/underrepresented groups


  • Advanced degree in nutrition/dietetics, public health or other relevant degree strongly preferred
    • Candidates without an advanced degree but with significant, relevant work experience may be considered.
  • Experience educating and/or precepting nutrition and dietetics students.

Fellow Skills:

  • As the program lead, qualified applicants must have demonstrated experience and expertise in:
    • Knowledge of key challenges facing nutrition and dietetics students of diverse backgrounds and cultures
    • Diversity and inclusion initiatives within health care professions
    • Collaboration with external partners and organizations
    • Experience collecting, analyzing and reporting on data, such as through surveys, interviews and reviewing existing literature and reports
    • Experience in literature review and qualitative thematic analysis
    • Preparing, submitting and publishing manuscripts and articles for peer reviewed journals
    • Experience in presenting the results of monitoring and evaluation, quality improvement or research projects to lay and professional audiences.
  • Additional skills include:
    • Self-motivated with the ability to work and make decisions independently
    • Ability to function at a high level and lead this program of work
    • Strong leadership, interpersonal and team skills
    • Ability to exercise sound judgment

Additional Fellow Requirements

  • Willingness to travel as needed to partner sites, Foundation meetings and conferences (once travel is able to safely resume)
  • Willingness to participate fully in the expectations of the Academy and Foundation, including project calls and reports, manuscript development and professional presentations
  • Availability and commitment to the full-time position beginning late March 2021* for at least one year.
    • Please refer to the FAQ document for questions about the start date

Fellowship Award

The Foundation will provide funding support for the fellowship as follows:

  • $85,000 Fellowship Stipend
    The stipend is based on the standard set by other Foundation fellowships and includes a health insurance stipend.Additional funds will be made available for travel stipends to support work-related travel, including lodging, meals and professional conference fees as well as for continuing education as deemed appropriate by the Foundation.

Additional benefits (retirement, etc.) are not available for this position.