The deadline to apply for the Academy Foundation Awards is February 1, 2017. Do not miss your chance to take advantage of this special member benefit!

Each year, the Academy Foundation makes available over 35 awards for Academy members, whether they are students or practicing RDNs. The awards range from $250-$5,000 and are focused in various areas, including:

  • Continuing Education
  • International
  • Program
  • Professional Development

Last year Carol DeNysschen, PhD, RD, MPH, CDN, FAND, received the Abbott Nutrition Award in Women’s Health. The award offers a $1,000 prize to someone working in collaboration with others in women’s health to promote the role of nutrition.

“Receiving this award truly touches my heart as my passion for research and the honor of this award are just beautiful things!”
Carol DeNysschen, PhD, RD, MPH, CDN, FAND

Here are some awards that members of the Behavioral Health Nutrition DPG may be especially interested in:

  • Abbott Nutrition Award in Women’s Health

    This award is given to recognize dietitians who make significant contributions to the importance of nutrition in women’s health. Contributions may be in the areas of research, education or service.

  • Anita Owen Award of Recognition for Innovative Nutrition Education

    This award is given to encourage development of and recognize excellence in innovative and unique models for dietetics information and/or innovative services for delivery of nutrition education to the public.

  • LuLu G. Graves Nutrition Education Award

    This award is given to support volunteer groups engaged in projects and programs of nutrition education for the public. Multiple awards may be given.

  • Mary Abbott Hess Award for Recognition of an Innovative Food/Culinary Effort

    This award is given to encourage dietetics professionals to make original and innovative efforts in food and culinary education.

  • Wimpfheimer-Guggenheim Essay Award

    This award is given to provide for the international exchange of needed nutrition, dietetic and/or management information for the benefit of the nutritional health of the world community. Up to two awards may be given. The 2017 essay topic is: describe a ground breaking education program or model aimed at solving malnutrition. Essay submissions describing non-traditional educational methods are encouraged. The project described should be adaptable to a variety of settings.

Find additional information about all Foundation awards and download an application.